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Businesses enter into contractual relationships daily. They may involve the purchase or sale of materials, products or services. They may involve leases, distribution agreements, complex construction agreements or marketing arrangements. They may be for an isolated transaction or a long term relationship. In each case, you must understand exactly what you agree to, make sure an agreement is fair and enforceable, and consider how each agreement affects all your other legal and business relationships.

Business transactions can be as simple as a contract to sell a certain product or service for a specific price, or as complex as an on-going distribution, license or joint venture agreement. An agreement can be for one transaction, or a standard form for use in many transactions, it can be one page or a small book. Often the complexity of the transaction dictates the complexity of the document. The days of the handshake are past; the best advice is to get everything in writing.

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Throughout your business transactions, you will meet situations where you should seek legal, financial or business counsel. Since you will have to live with every agreement you make, you need to know exactly what the agreement says and how to enforce it.

I have negotiated, drafted and given advice on a variety of business agreements including:

  • manufacturing
  • joint venture
  • development
  • employee
  • distributorship
  • product licensing


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