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One of the first things you should do when starting a business is decide what form of legal entity to use.

Possible choices can be:

  • Sole proprietorship (for one person only)
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company
  • Joint venture
  • Variations or combinations of these entities

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Each of these choices has benefits and limitations, which need to be thoroughly understood and discussed . Setting the best foundation is the easiest and generally the most economical way to move forward. As time goes on, however, it may be desirable to change the form of business entity. This also requires careful consideration, and usually requires extensive coordination with your accountant.

I have extensive experience in choice and formation of all forms of business entities in Oregon and many other states. I will work with you, your associates and your accounting, marketing and other advisors to find an optimum solution. Starting a business requires various filings with federal and state government agencies, and may involve local business licenses and land use regulations. You may need to have various agreements and arrangements between the persons involved and will often need to have initial formation documents, minutes, agreements, employee policies and handbooks prepared. A properly formed and documented business entity is the first step in a successful business.


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