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Business financing transactions, including banks and other lenders, venture capital, private offerings, public offerings and their many variations are a specialized area of legal practice. Almost any sort of business financing can involve the sale or purchase of a security and needs to comply with complex state and federal laws and regulations. These transactions often also involve business, real estate, tax and other factors which must be considered and coordinated.

I have worked with entrepreneurs, developers, realtors, banks, securities brokers and business advisors in developing and carrying out initial and longer term financing for start-up and existing businesses.

My experience includes structuring, negotiating and carrying out more than three hundred business financing transactions including:

  • Real estate limited partnerships and syndications
  • Public and private securities offerings
  • Bank and private debt arrangements
  • Real estate sales and lease backs
  • Venture capital transactions
  • I have been a state securities regulator, have represented (and helped to organize and finance) a number of securities brokerages, and have written over two hundred prospectuses, private placement memorandums and securities registrations.


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